When Love Abides Broken

Following his 81year old mother’s stroke, Aidan Brezovar leaves Skyline in the Midwest after 30 years of Catholic ordained ministry there.

With the health scare catapulting his mother into a total life review, Aidan’s move to the Lavaro ranch comes at a critical time. Petite, with dark silver hair, a happy, open face, a ready smile, and an Irish sparkle in her eyes, Zoe Lavaro is much more than the “cute little lady” she is thought to be by most people who meet her. She is a shrewd observer of human behavior with a born survivor’s critical eye, hunger for security, and willingness to risk whatever it takes to get her needs met.

Brezovar’s mission is to care for his mother at their mountain ranch, but he must also contend with his stepfather, who invited him to come but wrangles with Aidan about virtually everything after he arrives. The consequences of Aidan’s move touch every member of the family.

This book is about a family’s struggle to adjust to change, the hidden fault lines that can ruin relationships, and the uncovering of love’s true tensile strength when stressed by emotional deprivation, abuse, jealousy, and betrayal.

Brezovar also examines the searing pain brought about by divorce and remarriage. When the dust finally settles, families are transformed.

“…approachable prose…”
“…a faith perspective: God remains, and that is enough.”
“…an emotive memoir…”


“…many readers will sympathize with starting over later in life and the difficulties of family dynamics…”
“Particularly eloquent are Brezovar’s descriptions of nature…and of the loneliness he felt in the priesthood and throughout his life.”


“…beautiful imagery…”
“…Brezovar’s choices and seasoned advice weave a theme of steadfast love for God throughout the work.”
“His attention to the intricacies of family relationships and the repercussions that ripple through generations is heartfelt and transparent.”


“…engaging memoir…”
“…a cinematic drama…”
“The author is shown as an earnest counselor…”
“…Brezovar’s tapestry of varying themes…will attract those facing similar challenges, offering glimmers of hope and wider possibility.”